Reply To: On Principles to cultivate and live by


Also, I want to tell you to contemplate on something as “inner instinct” and try to find within yourself. Start by thinking about it. I do not know if related to Gandhabba or anything else, or if Buddha spoke about it but if you feel disconnected from the “path” of the worldly way is good to seek help within yourself. There is something which you can get in contact with so to speak on the base of mental level. It’s like an inner guide which can enhance your wisdom. Do not force yourself to find it, it will come as you will just give it a sign.

I can not really explain it rationally or even in Buddha Dhamma terms but there is something like that which you can reach with your meditation or contemplation even if you are just novice you can work your way for it and ask it for guidance.

Try to find that inner guide and inner instinct just by digesting the idea, if you know there is something like that your mind will find it. It’s interesting stuff but I do not know if it’s Gandabbha or Deva or part of your mind I can only experience results and that there is such thing.