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Hi Tobias, thank you for your time & energy in reply. Yes you spotted correctly my two major hindrances. Unfortunately, due to vicikicca, I struggle with generating conviction needed to overcome torpor. I struggle with this the most which is why I wrote this post. All of my energy is being used to overcome vicikicca just to overcome torpor. These words don’t give the immense weight of these hindrances justice. I’ve had so many spiritual experiences and yet vicikicca remains subconsciously. It is not a waking-conscious only thing…


Thank you very much for sharing this with me. Walasmulle is the only teacher in hela dhamma I follow because he teaches in english and has given talks in canada and australia which really opened my mind.

My studies show that mantra works with the aether element or akasha-dhatu and i’ve recently learned that the maha-bhutas have a trickle down effect from subtle -> gross. So when the aether is purified, the wind(mind) is purified; when wind -> fire(emotions/volition) is purified, when fire -> water(feelings/perceptions) is purified, when water -> earth (physical processes including brain) is purified.

So yes I will use abhaya thero’s technique thank you for reminding me and sharing!!!

Yes, that pleasant feeling when a bad karma is avoided i’ve felt it, as well as the rest, thank you for adding to my confidence.

“We can see the suffering of humans and especially animals…” I believe you’ve touched on something important. I’ve been too concerned about the spirit world and I need to ground my practice anyway. This helps me to remember that all the motivation I need to share merit and compassionate energy/thought is found in our everyday world just by thinking about it. The conditions of life can be so atrocious — human trafficking, slavery, corruption, possession, mental/physical illnesses, torture — even I shy away from such thoughts but I see now I need to actually go into them more every day(with balance) to generate a compassionate mind.

“hidden suffering”…yes not only can our impressions of sense gratification produce immediate suffering of more craving(i’ve got this one down) but suffering of immense impulse to do the same thing in the future, suffering of having to work to fulfill that craving, and suffering conditions in future jati/bhava. I know there is hidden suffering so my awareness is constantly on that FACT even though I haven’t “awakened” to it quite yet.

Lal your posts are always very balanced and calming, you live the middle way quite well it seems haha. Thank you so much for providing this invaluable resource and sharing the teachings of Buddha through your transmissions and teacher ven. Waharaka.

Thank you all for your reply. I walk away with mantra, confidence, and conviction to continue.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu