Reply To: On Principles to cultivate and live by


A mind is like a radio. If you are in line with the right wave your life will be better overall even if it’s not a rich life or life you would dream of it will be very good.

What I suggest is to practice chanting with Abhya Thero. Once chants create proper wave structure in your mind you will see life is getting better like you would be touched by a supernatural force but of course those are just workings of proper Buddhist practice.

Once your mind is set in the right direction then the life will follow to be like that or at least your experience of life. This is my direct experience which I actually experienced and still researching on that how the mind actually changes the “wave” of life direction you are floating. What you experience you just going against life so there is friction.

I do not know if Lal agrees (if not, please delete) but there is Abhya thero mentioned on this site who have such chants to practice with

You need to learn the meaning of those (which you can find on youtube of his english discourses) after couple days of listening and chantings with understanding and contemplating you will feel refreshed with “will” to live and cope with things.