Reply To: Pattidana(transferring of merits) is the transferring of conditions?


Lal said:
1) “In a way, what it does is to make the mind of the person receiving “to a better state” for cultivating those existing causes.”

2) “Receiving pattaidana can make their minds elevated to a better state for at least a short time. During that time, “samanantara” (suitable conditions) are present for that being to be able to “pull some good vipaka” from the “annantara”, i.e., from the kamma bhava.”

My questions:
1) Can those 2 quotes from above be explained via examples? Like let’s say someone(X)does pattidana, and it successfully reaches 2 receivers. A human(Y) and a peta(Z). Both Y and Z have the hetu(causes, good kamma beeja). When Y and Z successfully receive the pattidana, is that pattidana going to do anything to Y and Z’s good kamma beeja?

2) Or will the pattidana have no impact on Y and Z’s good kamma beeja. Rather, the only impact the pattidana will have is on the mindset of Y and Z, by elevating their mindsets?