Reply To: Vedana – What It Really Means


Thanks for the new additions to that post Lal. Really appreciate it!

And that makes sense. Reminded me of the post on pabhassara citta:
Pabhassara Citta, Radiant Mind, and Bhavanga

Here is the quote from that post:
“Therefore, a “pabhassara citta” is that base state, or the pure state of a citta, BEFORE it goes through the 9 stages of contamination. It has only the 7 universal cetasika.

Each and every citta of a given person starts off as a pabhassara citta, but gets contaminated to varying degrees depending one’s personality or one’s advancement along the Path.”

My thinking:
Vedana starts off pure, not contaminated by tanha yet. At this stage vedana is not samphassa ja vedana yet.

1) Is this initial uncontaminated vedana the amisa upekkha vedana?

2) Niramisa upekkha vedana is supposed to be the vedana experienced by Ariyas. Other than the anariya/Ariya aspect, what is the difference between amisa upekkha vedana and niramisa upekkha vedana?

3) What would the initial uncontaminated vedana that arises in a Sotapanna, Sakadagami, Anagami be called? Would it be amisa upekkha or niramisa upekkha or something else?

4) Am I wrong to think that out of those 9 vedana, Arahants would have only 5 out of 9 of those vedana: sukha, dukha, upekkha, niramisa sukha, and niramisa upekkha vedana? I’d think they would have even eliminated the niramisa dukha vedana?