Reply To: Vedana – What It Really Means


Thank you Lal. That point has been made clear.

This post is very interesting as it has a lot of information that sparked many questions. I won’t raise them all at once though.

The next thing I want to understand more clearly is the 4 anupassana, because this post gives a very detailed description of vedanupassana.

From the many PureDhamma posts on vedana and Satipatthana sutta that I have read, what I understood from those posts is that:
Kāyānupassanā is about becoming aware of vaci sankhara and kaya sankhara, and thus controlling vaca and kammantha.
cittanupassana is about becoming aware of internal vaci sankhara and thus controlling sankappa.
vedananupassana is about becoming aware of the vedana that have arisen and preventing the vedana from turning into vaci sankhara/kaya sankhara.

1) Did I understand those 3 anupassana correctly?

2) I’m still unclear about what dhammanupassana is. Is it about contemplating on Dhamma concepts, especially tilakkhana, when the akusala mula have reduced to a certain extent as a result of doing the other 3 anupassana?

3) Is this the ideal sequence one should do the Satipatthana bhavana as one progresses on the Path: Kāyānupassanā, cittanupassana, vedananupassana, dhammanupassana?