Reply To: Free will in buddhism


“I only want to share the experience that craving, greed, urge can be very very strong and hard to resist. Some people who are alcoholist must not drink any alcohol, not even in a bonbon, because somehow this triggers an uncontrolable urge. It is like one becomes totally obsessed.”

On the same note, many people nowadays are so obsessed with wifi access and marrying to their mobile phones. Cut oneself off from these stuffs for a day and see how our kilesas are suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I know of someone who cannot be away from his mobile phone for even a minute! Hobbyists forums are also another vice to avoid. They are highly toxic and addictive. The same goes for other social media content. I suppose boredom is an unwholesome state of mind that requires proper mental cleansing. Fortunately we have Buddha Dhamma to help us out in this aspect.