Reply To: Goosebumps and javana of a citta


Hi Christian. So it is related to the asmi mana cetasika?

Awhile back I had found this interesting post(I recommend it as a good read) about goosebumps and its possible meaning as per other beliefs. It also mentions Abhidhamma.

From that link:
“In religious literature, the prickly feeling is also mentioned as an accompanying aspect of deep contemplation and meditation. In the Abhidhamma, the most recent part of the Buddhist Pali canon, the sensation of a prickling indicates a certain level of meditation: after the thoughts have ceased to flow, an overwhelming joy (priti) spreads throughout the whole body which may intensify to total ecstasy. ”

1) Does the above have any validity?

2) Does the Abhidhamma mention anything about the goosebumps sensation in meditation(as opposed to goosebumps in other situations like music or fever) and its possible meaning?

3) Or is that goosebumps feeling is rooted in asmi mana and moha?