Reply To: Sotapanna information from the Sutta-pitaka


Hopefully, the following will clarify the situation:

  1. King Bimbisara attained the Sotapanna stage BEFORE dying.
  2. The lifespans of the realms given, for example, at “31 Realms of Existence“, are the MAXIMUM possible.
  3. – It is possible for a being in any of those realms to “die” before that time.
    – If a deva with a Sakadagami stage attains the Anagami stage, then he would be reborn instantly in a brahma realm reserved for Anagamis.
    – If a deva generates hateful thought towards another deva, he could be instantly reborn in a lower realm.
    – Furthermore, a being in one of those realms could die at any moment due a kamma vipaka, just like humans die in early life.

  4. Apparently, “King Bimbisara” died several times in that deva realm and was reborn in the same realm, just a like a human can die and reborn many times in the human realm. The only difference is that there is no gandhabba state in deva realms.