Reply To: Sotapanna information from the Sutta-pitaka


y not: Where does it say, ” text allows for those 14 ‘lives’ to be bhavas not only jatis.”?

From the Jana­vasabha Sutta (DN 18):
“Idaṃ sattamaṃ kho ahaṃ, bhante, vessavaṇassa mahārājassa sahabyataṃ upapajjāmi, so tato cuto manussarājā bhavituṃ pahomi
Ito satta tato satta,
saṃsārāni catuddasa;
yattha me vusitaṃ pure.
Dīgharattaṃ kho ahaṃ, bhante, avinipāto avinipātaṃ sañjānāmi, āsā ca pana me santiṭṭhati sakadāgāmitāyā’”ti.

Translated: “This is now the seventh time, Bhante, that I am reborn into the communion of the great King Vessavaṇa. Deceased as a human king, I am in heaven, a non-human king.
Seven there and seven here, in all fourteen rebirths—So much I know of lives I’ve lived in the past. Long, Bhante, have I, who am destined not to be reborn in states of woe (apayas), been conscious of that destiny, and now there is desire in me to become a Sakadagami.”