Reply To: Sotapanna information from the Sutta-pitaka


Hi Lal,

In the Janavasadbha Sutta: it is stated by King Bimbisara that after attaining sotapanna he has been born seven times in the deva realms and seven times in the human realms. The relevant section is given below.

“This is the seventh time I have been reborn in the company of the Great King Vessavaṇa. After passing away from there, I am now able to become a king of non-humans.
Seven from here, seven from there—
fourteen transmigrations in all.
That’s how many past lives
I can recollect.
For a long time I’ve known that I won’t be reborn in the underworld, but that I still hope to become a once-returner.’”

If King Bimbisara was a sotapanna how come he was born 14 times in deva and human realms? Isn’t this contradictory to the maximum seven bava that a sotapanna is supposed to have?