Reply To: Kusala/Akusala and Punna/Pāpa Kamma



Mārayi veb põst! Bohoma stūtiyi, Lal!

Would the following anāpānasati bhāvanā done throughout the day be considered kusala kamma because it is eliminating defilements?

As asavas, anusaya due to vipaka arise, I’ve been focusing on the effects of the outcomes (kamma beeja, more vipaka, another bhava like this one…oof!) of allowing the thoughts about that vipaka to continue. I’ve noticed this eliminating defilements.

For example, at work today while stocking a particular food item (peanut butter covered pretzels), I felt a craving arise. So instantly, I thought about how the bonds (kamma raga) would grow stronger if I allowed the “wheeling”/abhisankhara process create new kamma beeja and the stuff for a new “bhava”. Also, thoughts of how it is so not worth coming back here for peanut butter pretzels and other thoughts like “feeding the fire”, etc. Now, thoughts of eating those pretzels isn’t creating the asava.

So, would this be a form of kusala kamma as it is eliminating defilements? Does it matter that I’m the only one benefiting from it?

It’s even working in tough/tearful situations with a little longer contemplation. There’s definitely a loosening of the bonds of attachment to situations and persons.