9. Key to Ānapānasati – How to Change Habits and Character (Gati)

The top 10 posts in this section describe the fundamentals of Buddhist meditation. The rest of the posts in this section are on possible meditation subjects. They can clarify unresolved questions, and lead to samādhi. But one must contemplate on them.

Meditation is all about purifying one’s mind. We all have individualized cravings and habits that we have acquired in our past lives that continue during this life unless we act to change or stop them. We need to cultivate good habits and stop bad ones. The only way to do this is to be mindful of our actions and stop bad actions as they start as thoughts in our minds. Most bad thoughts arise due to bad habits; they just “pop up”.

Introduction to Character or Personality (Gati)

A Broad View of the “Person” Trying to be a “Better Person”

How Character (Gati) Leads to Bhava and Jāti

How Habits are Formed and Broken – A Scientific View


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