SN 35.236 Paṭhamahatthapādopamasutta (The Simile of Hands and Feet)

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      Dear Dhamma Friends
      I came across this sutta and would like to know the translation of the verse below
      ” Evameva kho, bhikkhave, cakkhusmiṁ sati cakkhusamphassapaccayā uppajjati ajjhattaṁ sukhaṁ dukkhaṁ …pe…”

      Specifically, regarding ‘ cakkhusmiṁ sati ‘
      cakkhu = eye or vision or seeing
      mim = not sure what this means
      cakkhusmiṁ = could this mean towards the eye / vision
      sati = remembering / attention / ability to recall / memory

      Would appreciate your interpretation

      Thank you

      Thank you

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      “cakkhusmiṁ” means “with regard to something seen”
      “sati” is attention on it
      “cakkhusamphassapaccayā” generation of “san” (lobha, dosa, moha) regarding what is seen

      If one likes what is seen, that generates a sukha vedana (and one may crave it); if it is disliked one may generate a dukkha vedana (and rejects it); if one is not sure about what is seen (avijja) one may be confused about it (vicikicca).

      The key is to learn about “samphassa”: “Search Results for: samphassa

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      Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu !
      Your translations gives me a better understanding of the sutta.

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