Nibbāna === saṃsāra?

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      The above topic is actually a topic being discussed at the Sutta Central Discussion Forum:
      Nibbāna === saṃsāra?

      I was astounded to see that discussion.

      The FOUNDATION of Buddha Dhamma is that saṃsāra (rebirth process) is filled with unimaginable suffering.
      – Nibbana is the goal, which is to STOP the rebirth process!
      – How can one even ask such a question??
      – How is it possible that “learned” bhikkhus actually participate in the discussion, without explaining that it is a senseless question?

      This question, not surprisingly, has roots in a quote by Nagarjuna, the “philosopher” who was responsible for distorting Buddha Dhamma and led to the emergence of Mahāyāna.

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      This kind of discussion is common among mahayanists (more often from the East from what I see) who delight in using clever words to create an impression of “profundity”. There is no end to how clever they can get with words.

      In my native country, Mahāyāna is dominant, and I see this kind of dicussion more often than not. Not only that, a topic like “emptiness”, along with others from Zen and Taoism, make it to popular classic novels. Readers then spend endless time discussing the “philosophy” of these novels, how “deep” they are, and how the author really “got Buddhism and Taoism”.

      Also, I suspect that at the core of these discussions is the implication that this is superior to Theravada teaching, that Theravada is just the foundation, where one sees a distinction between nibbana and samsara. At a “higher level”, one sees no distinction between nibbana and samsara (this is especially popular in Zen).

      That’s my two cents. Also, this kind of discussion is quite addicting if one is not careful. It’s a form of samphappalāpā.

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      It’s Unbelievable to see this discussion and the lack of understanding of the real Dhamma… So we see how much distortion on the original Dhamma was carried out by the Mahāyāna through Nagarjuna, Asangha, Vasubandhu and others…
      It is truly unbelievable that true Bhikhus of the Theravada tradition still have this distorted perception of the reality of the Dhamma…

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      Lang wrote, “Also, this kind of discussion is quite addicting if one is not careful. It’s a form of samphappalāpā.”

      That is quite right.
      – Yes. It is samphappalāpā or “idle chatter”
      – These discussions go on forever since there is no resolution.

      The point is that if one understands the meanings of the words — saṃsāra and Nibbāna — it is utterly foolish to ask the question. I just cannot imagine such utter nonsense, especially by bhikkhus who have written books on Buddhism!

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