(Dt 2.1) Paṭhamanaya saṅgahāsaṅgahapadaniddesa

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      How’s the accuracy of the translation? Any changes can be made to the translation or it’s mostly accurate?

      (Dt 2.1) Paṭhamanaya saṅgahāsaṅgahapadaniddesa

      Abyākatā dhammā asaṅkhataṁ khandhato ṭhapetvā pañcahi khandhehi dvādasahāyatanehi aṭṭhārasahi dhātūhi saṅgahitā. Katihi asaṅgahitā? Na kehici khandhehi na kehici āyatanehi na kāhici dhātūhi asaṅgahitā.

      English translation

      “Indeterminate states, excluding Nibbāna from the classification of aggregates, are classified under 5 aggregates, under 12 bases and under 18 elements.”


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      It is fine.

      “Abyākatā dhammā,” translated as “Indeterminate states,” are those that don’t belong to kusala/akusala, i.e., vipaka.

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