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      Link to reference post:

      This mentioned post in #7 still has point about five stages of sankhta and also old removed reference to that post.

      You might want to update this post, lal.


      Edit: I wanted to add this reply in thread but, I wasn’t able to do so. Error “forbidden” came up.

      Through contemplation, I have came to understand that stages mentioned in tipitaka makes the most sense. Of course you know about it as discussed in recent thread.

      All saṅkhata have jati and jara,
      Yet not all of them go through growth, peak, decay condition in that order or through this stages at all.

      People die at young age.
      Illness might come at young age or suddenly.
      Recently constructed house gets destroyed, etc etc.

      So, jati, viparinama and jara are the most realistic stages of saṅkhata.

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      Lal, can we say that work to be done after sottapana stage, is contemplating on dukkhā characteristics?

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      No. One should cultivate all three: anicca, dukkha, and anatta. They go together.
      – All on the path up to the Arahant stage must cultivate them.
      – An Arahant can also contemplate the anicca, dukkha, and anatta nature for “blissful meditation in the present life” or “diṭṭhadhammasukhavihārāya” (see the last verse in SN 22.122 below.)

      For example, see “Sīlavanta Sutta (SN 22.122).”

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      Okay. Thank you for your reply lal.

      One more side Question I have for you,

      Do you have any books recommendation for dhamma learning apart from puredhamma book?

      Or even books which are inspirational for dhamma practice?

      Because, I don’t find any sources other than puredhamma which explains meanings in understandable consistent way.

      I can’t understand sinhala to hear the discourses directly either.


      Another question do you have any plan for creating section for progress from sottapana stage onwards to anāgāmi stage?

      Even few posts on this subject would be much appreciated, lal.

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      I am afraid I cannot recommend any English texts on Buddha Dhamma. They are all contaminated.

      1. Are you certain that you have covered most of the material on this site? You may want to take a look at following sections:
      Living Dhamma

      Sutta Interpretations

      Origin of Life

      Buddha Dhamma

      2. Once one gets past the Sotapanna stage, the task is mainly to live life with Anapanasati/Satipatthana based on Tilakkhana:
      Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta

      3. In the following thread, there was a long discussion about how to proceed after the Sotapanna stage. Unfortunately, the title does not match the discussion, so it took me a while to find it:
      Vipassana Meditation
      – Read through to the end, and you may find useful information.

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      Okay. Thank you so much lal, for giving your valuable time to us, in advising upon matter of dhamma.

      Much merits. Much metta to you.

      I will study all the links.

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