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It is critical to understand the following. “Nibbana sukha” is NOT a “vedana that can be felt.” 

  • This world of 31 realms provides both sukha vedana and dukkha vedana. It is not possible to have just one without the other. Of course, the relative proportions can vary. For example, in the apayas, dukkha vedana is predominant. In Deva/Brahma realms, sukha vedana is predominant. In the human realm, both are present.
  • The Buddha stated many times that his teachings are for the removal of arising of even a trace of dukkha. He NEVER promised to teach how to maximize “sukha vedana.” 
  • This rebirth process is like having a “chronic headache” that never goes away, even though, at times, a dose of painkillers can overcome it and even provide a “temporary high.” But that pain keeps coming back. If that “chronic headache” permanently disappears, one will have a huge sense of relief. That is a rough analogy for “Nibbanic sukha.”

Those who do not understand this fundamental concept are enticed by jhanic pleasures or the types of miracles one can perform with “supernormal iddhi powers.” 

  • Jhanic experiences” are experiences in the Brahma realms. They are part of that “sukha/dukkha cycle.”
  • What is the point of “performing miracles”? Devadatta impressed King Ajasattu by performing many miracles and ended up in an apaya.

Yet, it is hard to overcome these types of wrong views. This is human nature!


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