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Yes. When one contemplates Dhamma concepts, one’s wisdom (panna) grows, and defilements gradually decrease. That is “Vipassana meditation.”

  • That change can manifest in bodily feelings. I have experienced these effects and still do. They can get very intense before wearing out. Once one gets close to higher magga phala (above the Anagami stage), these “bodily sensations” should diminish. Then, they should become more of “mental joy” without bodily sensations.
  • This is why many people are fooled by such “bodily feelings.” I have heard many people describe Jhanic experiences in various Sri Lankan programs. A common theme is that they are overjoyed by such “bodily sensations” and believe it is “Nibbanic sukha.” Most of them likely experience “anariaya jhana” even though they engage in contemplating anicca, dukkha, anatta. As I emphasize, even the first Ariya jhana can be experienced only by an Anagami, because kama raga anusaya must be removed to get to the first Ariya jhana. Unlike the Sotapanna stage, confirming the attainment of the Anagami stage is easy: Just watch an adult or X-rated movie and check whether lust does not arise!
  • Nibbana sukha” is without feelings. It is the absence of any stress.
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