Reply To: Useful Essays from DRARISWORLD and Other Websites

  • The mind of a Sotapanna is still affected by Kāma Ragā, which is the desire for sensual pleasures. Even though they will never commit extreme immoral acts to satisfy these desires, their perception is still influenced by sensuality. A Sotāpanna who has significantly reduced Kāma Ragā becomes a Sakadagamin. However, the person does not eliminate Kāma Ragā. 
  • To eradicate Kāma Ragā, the best approach is to cultivate a peaceful state of mind. One of the ways to achieve this is through Jhana, which is a state of mind free from sensuality and brings us closer to Pabhassara Citta (the pure state of mind). By understanding Tilakkhana, one can attain the Ariyas Jhanas, which destroy Kāma Ragā permanently and lead to becoming an Anagami. It is important to note that Jhanas are not a mandatory requirement to achieve the elimination of Kāma Ragā. However, they make the process easier. Upacara Samadhi is a concentration of approach that is similar to Jhana but not quite the same(I heard that it is necessary to have this concentration to understand the deep terms.). It is not necessary to attain Jhanas, but they are one of the quickest ways to become an Anagami.
  •  To illustrate, if I want to travel from Montreal to New York, I have several options such as car, plane, or bus. The plane is the fastest and least exhausting option, but I do not have to take it. In the worst-case scenario, I could even walk. Regardless of the mode of transportation, my destination remains the same, and some options are faster than others. Those who become Sotāpanna without making the effort to go higher are like those who walk on foot. Similarly, Jhanas with an understanding of Tilakkhana is one of the quickest ways to become an Anagami.