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Unshakable confidence with wisdom (aveccappasada) in Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.”

Yes. That is a good measure of whether one is a Sotapanna

  • However, the key is defining “Unshakable confidence with wisdom (aveccappasāda)”
  • One could say that based on “blind faith” without having a deeper understanding.

One becomes a Sotapanna (or Sotapanna Anugami) when one can see the futility and danger of being trapped in the rebirth process. The rebirth process continues because of one’s attachments (cravings/tanha) for worldly things. 

When one can “see that with wisdom” or “Sammā Ditthi,” one becomes at least a Sotapanna Anugāmi. However, a Sotapanna still has not removed cravings or kāma rāga; that happens at the Anāgāmi stage. Yet, with that “Sammā Ditthi,” a Sotapanna‘s mind would not engage in a severe immoral deed that can lead to rebirth in the apāyās.

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