Reply To: Aṭṭhi Saññā


Sir thank you. Then is my following revision of what constitutes Atthi Sanna is now in line( as follows):

Aniccha is the truth that

(1) all ” iccha” s ( likings)  are futile in the end. expressed in the sign of bones as in Dhammapada verse 149 referred to above. which is atthiyati in one of its aspects

(2) jiguchhati: blinding us for we are even prepared to do wrong for what we like and we are carried away by the flood.

(3) They have no real value. Here too the mataphor of bone can be used.

Sir, then atthi sanna is anicca sanna, which consists of being sure that all likings and getting stuck in them are futile, lead to blindness, and have no real value, just like bones. 

So, seeing these bones( anicca), how can one still hold on to strong desires and likings? Is that it, sir? Please correct and also further elucidate harayati in the context of anicca. Regards, sir.