Reply To: Vipariṇāma and Aññathābhāva


Namo Tassa Bhagawato Arahato Samma SamBuddhassa

The Okkanta Samyutta Samyutta Nikhaya 25-1 to 10,   magnanimously sets out the teaching for  two types of Dhamma Aspirants:

One who approaches and touches these teachings “ Annicca, Viparinama, AnnathaBhava” with faith and conviction, against each of the 10 items starting from Chakku upto the Aggregates, as He or she deems engaging ….and…

The Second One who approaches, and works though the faculty of observation, attention and  understanding.

In both the cases, the faculties such as faith, understanding need not be of a superlative degree,  for these men are yet to be set on the path of integrity and truthfulness, beneficial to themselves and others.

Once they do touch these Dhammas “Annicca, Viparinama, AnnataBhava” even in the “mundane” sense , if we would so want to call them such, they are bang set on the path which leads them to the Stream.

They are now men, equipped with integrity, ability to seeing things as they are, truthful,  and empowered by right conduct in Life.

Once they understand the “Deeper Meanings” , perhaps the Bigger Picture if you so will, they enter the Stream as Sotapanna, which is also how each of the Sutta Ends.

Whats astounding on the whole , is like an eagle which first tears the food into small morsels for its young and feeds them with tenderness, Dhamma in this section gives us Ten items , like a parent or an older brother, prodding us on, pick one, any one will do, see into at-least one , don’t you find it interesting atleast? So on…in such gentle manner

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