Reply To: Vipariṇāma and Aññathābhāva


I have posted a picture of Chakravarthi Below. Its from the Sambodhi Kat Kyaw Temple from Burma. In this picture , the Lord’s  face is so innocent. Like a child he doesn’t hide anything. At the same time the sparkling suit which is golden, remind us of His Immaculate Meditative absorptions/achievements, His Impeccable Qualities such as Compassion , and  for those who love Him and Dhamma-   that He is the “King of Kings”.

In “Cakkhuṁ, bhikkhave, aniccaṁ vipariṇāmi aññathābhāvi”……………..”Anicca , Viparinamim Annathabhavim”, follow Chakkhu.(only bhikkhave in between)  There isnt any another word  to lead us on to  “ If Chakku is Used for Sensual Pleasures”.

While , – “that Viparinama and Annathabhavi in a deeper sense mean a  movement  away from Nibbana by using the Eye as a basis for Sensual Pleasures” – is truly and brilliantly majestic , in its scale, and in beauty,…..

here …Chakku itself is to be seen as Aniccam, Viparinamino, Annathabhavino. It gives us a sense of the statement being absolute.  There isn’t any compromise , that under such and such conditions only Chakku is Dukkha. Where as otherwise its not.   

“What Has come to be” intrinsically , itself,  is Dukkha. Our Attachment Or Hatred ,Or Shrouding the Sacca, add one more dart and make the wound bigger (or double) ……….whereas Chakku itself is a wound(the first dart).

Saying it so easily, Can we live up to it? Elders Did. They were Great. Men Made of Steel in Body and Mind.      

Please correct/add/improve as fitting.