Reply To: Do I get merits for just avoiding dasa akusala?


Paying taxes means paying one’s fair share to maintain the infrastructure (such as roads, the judicial system, etc.). That is more like “fulfilling one’s obligations.” (Of course, many governments spend carelessly, but that is a separate issue.)

  • “Giving” is to those who do not have other means to sustain life. That includes bhikkhus and the poor. That is done with “good intentions” and going over and above one’s necessary obligations.
  • “Giving” to the poor (and also animals) is out of compassion when seeing the suffering they go through. That generates “strong javana citta” with “good kammic energies.”
  • “Giving” to bhikkhus and temples helps sustain the “Buddha Sasana” for future generations, and that is even more meritorious. Buddha’s teachings will not survive without temples and bhikkhus.
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