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Yes, Gad. You are correct to say: “Unfortunately, it is beyond our control to address the distortion of Tilakkhana in Theravada texts.” But that is not an excuse to copy and paste such translations as if they are correct.

  • I do not want the wrong translations to appear on this website unless the intention is to criticize and point out why they are wrong. What is the point of copying and pasting incorrect translations as if they were the correct translations?
  • Of course, sometimes people post comments that include wrong translations, not realizing they are incorrect, and I point that out. That is fine. That is how one learns. I did that in response to your post with the wrong translation. But if you know a translation to be incorrect, please do not reproduce it here. 
  • A related point: I frequently post links to Sutta Central translations, some of which are wrong. But I try to point out the errors. Those links need to be used with caution. I have many posts pointing out the inconsistencies/errors in Sutta Central translations. But it is a good resource because it provides Pali Tipitaka suttas in the English alphabet so people can read the Pali version. The English translations there can be useful if one knows how to replace the incorrectly translated verses.
  • The sole purpose of this website is to educate people about the correct teachings of the Buddha. Of course, if I write something inconsistent, anyone is welcome to explain why it is inconsistent with the Tipitaka. If that explanation is sound, I will thank them for correcting my errors.
  • The goal is to end up with the correct teachings of the Buddha and DISCARD wrong interpretations, regardless of whose interpretation it is. 
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