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The translation you quoted is incorrect: “At the end of the discourse, the thief who was steadfastly keeping his mind on the arising and perishing of the aggregates discerned the impermanent, unsatisfactory, and non-self nature of all conditioned things and soon attained Sotapatti Fruition.” 

  • Anicca, dukkha, anatta” characteristics do not refer to an “impermanent, unsatisfactory, and non-self nature” OF THE aggregates (panca upadanakkhandha).
  • The point is that cultivating panca upadanakkhandha (which is the same as engaging in apunna/akusala kamma) is unfruitful (anicca) and takes one away from Nibbana (dukkha). Thus, that engaging in such actions is useless and of no benefit (anatta.) 

This is a bit of a deep point to think about and understand.