Reply To: Why is the universe so cold?


1. We tend to immediately think about the “physical world” with stars and planets when we hear the word “world” or “cosmos.”

  • However, in Buddha Dhamma, the focus is on “each person’s world.”
  • That is similar to the tendency to immediately think about “physical objects” when we see the word “rupa.” However, the Buddha almost ALWAYS referred to the “mind-made rupa” presented to the hadaya vatthu (seat of the mind) in gandhabba. See my comment in the thread “Conscious and Subconscious Mind” today.

2. It is easier to figure out why the Buddha made those comments that Tobi quoted at the beginning of his comment about the cosmos (world/universe in science) when we realize that.

  • The Buddha almost always referred to one’s world. That world exists until one attains Parinibbana as an Arahant. That is why it is incorrect to say all four things about that “world.”
  • See “Loka Sutta – Origin and Cessation of the World.”

3. Regarding Tobi’s question at the end, MOST sutta translations at Sutta Central (especially regarding verses with deep meanings) are incorrect. 

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