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There is a difference between “kappa,” “asaṅkheyya kappa,” and “maha kappa.” 

  • As I remember, four “asaṅkheyya kappa” are in a “maha kappa.”
  • It is possible that 100,000 kappa are in an “asaṅkheyya kappa.
  • It is a matter of dividing a “maha kappa” into sub-categories.

P.S. According to “Bhikkhu_Bodhi-Comprehensive_Manual_of_Abhidhamma,” by Bhikkhu Bodhi, the description is as follows (on p.198 of the pdf):

  • Four “asaṅkheyya kappa” are in a “maha kappa.”
  • Twenty “antara kappa” in an “asaṅkheyya kappa.
  • One “antara kappa” is the time required for the human lifespan to rise from ten years to a maximum of thousands of years (as I remember 80,000 years at least). So, the human life span goes up and down 20 times within an “asaṅkheyya kappa.” It starts at the maximum and gradually decreases to ten, then gradually increases to a maximum, and so on, twenty times!

If anyone else has more or different information, please comment.

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