Reply To: Four Types of Learners

Sammasambodhi Gami

Thanks dear Dhamma friend Gad for your humble gesture. I really appreciate your open mindedness! You have a rare quality which is not easily found in today’s generation people. Sadhu Sadhu 🙏

Let us not get entangled in “viewpoints”. We can have different perspectives or viewpoints but our Ultimate goal is Nibbana (i.e., removal of Raga, Dosa, Moha from our minds). So let’s work together and help each other to move in that direction.

Let’s set aside our big “ego” and conceit and focus on our efforts towards Nibbana.

And thank you so much for your best wishes. Yes, my aspiration is same as that of ascetic Sumedha (to become a Samma Sambuddha in the future).

May the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem be with you dear friend. 

May all sentient beings realise the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana 🙏🙏🙏

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