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Sammasambodhi Gami

Mr. Tobias Sir asked “Can you please say where the Buddha states that there are uncountable numbers of cakkavalas?

In the Buddhavamsa (Khuddaka Nikaya), it is mentioned that:

“There are these 4 incalculables (immeasurables) of which the extent can not be known:

(1) The aggregation of sentient beings (number of sentient beings)

(2) The extent of space

(3) The infinite world systems (cakkavalas)

(4) The knowledge of a Samma Sambuddha

It is impossible to ascertain these four incalculables.”


Many people try to compare “Science” with Lord Buddha’s Dhamma. However, Science or Scientists CAN NEVER EVER come even close to the knowledge of a Samma Sambuddha, no matter how advance “Science” gets. Science has its limitations because the very foundation of science is based on matter.  Many people believe that a Lord Buddha is just another religion’s founder or a great philosopher, or a great Scientist etc. But they have NO IDEA of who a Samma Sambuddha really is. They have NO IDEA about the  paramithas (perfections) and the infinite qualities of a Samma Sambuddha.


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