Reply To: The Connection Between Akusala and Rotten Births


Yes. It is. That is the basis.

It will become even more clear if you try to connect births to gati, as I mentioned in my previous comment:

There are more posts on this critical aspect. See, for example,  “Patisandhi Citta – How the Next Life is Determined According to Gati” and “Saṃsāric Habits, Character (Gati), and Cravings (Āsava).”

  • When someone died during the time of the Buddha, people used to ask the Buddha about that person’s rebirth by asking, “What was the birth, and what was the gati that led to it?” I must have mentioned some suttas with that quote within those posts.
  • Kammic energy (or Paticca Samuppada) dictates how the physical bodies are tailored to generate “distorted  saññā” according to the “developed gati” and the corresponding birth.
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