Reply To: The Connection Between Akusala and Rotten Births


Thank you for correcting my answer format clearly. I will also pay more attention next time.<br />
Ven. Lal said :

Kammic energy causes human bodies to produce a “bad smell” for feces because human birth originated from “good kamma.” Furthermore, if a human eats feces, he/she will get sick. The human physical body arises that way due to kammic influence.

Your explanation gives me great insight. Through your response, I understood as follows.

My understanding is :

1. Worldly things made of pathavi, apo, tejo, and vayo do not have an absolute good or bad qualities, but kamma has an inherent  good or bad.(puñña, kusala kamma/papa, akusala kamma) Then, kammic energy creates a rupa (physical body) and a distorted sañña.

2. Rotten things are not inherently bad characteristics, but Humans are set up to recognize dirty and rotten things as bad, because human birth is caused by “good kamma“. And, a pig birth is set up to recognize dirty and rotten things as good because it is caused by “bad kamma”.

Is my understanding correct?

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