Reply To: Human Rebirth and Population Growth


Thanks Lal. Yes this is all very clear now. I fully understand the ‘gandhabba’ – mental body concept. Just one further question – where on this earth/realm does the mental body ‘reside’? Is it aware in that it’s a non physical human awaiting a human body?

Also, why is the ‘gandhabba’ concept not more of a major factor in Theravada school despite the fact that there’s scriptural support for it. It seems to be incredibly important to understanding rebirth and the workings of samsara.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your detailed response to my post and for your work and effort put into this website to enable me and others to fully understand the Buddha’s teaching. I will continue to explore the website content to further my knowledge and deepen my faith in the Dhamma. Much merit to you.