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I presume that you have not read that many posts on this website. Your above answer clarified that for me.

1. It is not a sudden increase in humans but an increase in humans with physical bodies. That population has increased mainly because the conditions to support a large human population (with physical bodies) have improved over the past few hundred years.

  • A large pool of humans is in the gandhabba state (i.e., just with the “mental body”); they are waiting to be born. That is the actual population of humans, which is probably in the hundreds of billions. Only 7 billion have been born with physical bodies at the present.
  • That gandhabba population also keeps changing because of transitions among various realms. 

2. When a Deva or Brahma dies and becomes a human existence, they aren’t reborn with a human body right away at that moment.

  • For example, when a Deva dies and is born a human, only the mental body (gandhabba kaya) appears on Earth. That gandhabba may have to wait several years before being pulled into a “matching womb” and subsequently born with a physical body.
  • As the economic conditions of the countries in the world improve, the human population increases. 

3. In the example of #2, that human who was born with a “mental body” possibly has a lifetime of many thousands of years. During that time, he/she can be reborn with a human body numerous times. That is why there are so many rebirth accounts from all over the world. Some children can recall their last life born with a physical human body. 

  • Are you familiar with such rebirth accounts?

4. I want to see how much you know about the above before going into more detail. This is a complex subject that requires some background in Buddha Dhamma. For example, were you aware of the “gandhabba (mental body)”?

  • Let me know your thoughts/questions on the above. We can proceed from there.
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