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Sammasambodhi Gami(friend Saketa): My point of this post is: Come out of your room, leave your laptop screen, and be among the Bhikkhus/Bhikkhunis, Anagariks/Anagarikas, Upasaks/Upasikas… join the company of Noble friends… be in the presence of the Maha Sangha… experience the environment of the Buddhist Monastery… live your life around those people who have dedicated their entire lives for Nibbana.

My friend, you said the right thing. I have experienced rare moments of tranquility and happiness with the Sangha. Even though these moments were brief, they far outweigh any pleasure I have received from worldly people. I believe that we can even get closer to the Niramisa Sukkha. Of course, the happiness of being an ariya surpasses any experience. I am convinced that the merit of this experience brought me to this site, which led me to the correct interpretations. A few days after this experience, I came across Puredhamma in 2022. However, I can’t imagine what the experience would be like with Bhikkhus and Bhikkunis who respect the Vinaya and follow the correct interpretations of the suttas! The incredible merit that will be developed by a person who gives them alms, the four necessities, and listens to their sermons is unparalleled. I wish everyone on this site had the chance to serve the Sangha in person.The Sangha is the supreme and perfect field of merit.

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