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Sammasambodhi Gami

Thanks a lot dear Dhamma friend (Gad) for sharing these precious sermons. 

In your comment # 47893 you said: 

Sammasambodhi Gami (friend Saketa) had already shared this channel. She has many recorded and translated speeches of Venerable Waharaka Thero.”

My comment:  Well… its not “She” but its “He” (anyways its not relevant).

I have not translated these sermons. The credit goes to the owner of the YouTube channel, Mr. Janith Fernando Sir. Huge merits for his Noble efforts in translating these precious sermons of most Ven. Waharaka Thero!   

Sadu! Sadu! Sadu!

“Gāmi” means “going towards/heading towards”. 

“Samma Sambodhi Gami” means “one who is going towards Samma Sambodhi.”

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