Reply To: Why Can't A Paccekabuddha Teach Dhamma?


It is said that King Sudoddhana (the father of Lord Buddha) attained the anagami stage by listening to a jataka. Unless this too is false?? This is not to put you in an uncomfortable situation sir. If my obstinacy seems ill-mannered, please excuse me.


KING SUDDHODANA: FATHER OF LORD GAUTAMA BUDDHA Having heard this news from the king, the Buddha delivered a sermon based on the Mahā Dhammapāla Jataka, which was a previous birth story of the Buddha, when King Suddhodana and the Buddha had been the father and son. At that time too, the king had refused to believe that his son was dead, even when he was shown a heap of bones that was alleged to have been from his son’s dead body. Following this sermon, King Suddhodana has attained the third spiritual stage of Non-Returner (Anāgāmi).