Reply To: Why Can't A Paccekabuddha Teach Dhamma?


What you quoted is not a sutta, Gad.

  • Jataka stories are not suttas.
  • I am not quite sure about their origins and have not read them. Most translations are old, and there are likely to be many translation errors.
  • We do not discuss them in this forum.

To get to the Buddhahood, Paccekabuddhahood, or Arahanthood, one must comprehend the Four Noble Truths/Paticca Samuppada/Tilakkhana. I discussed this in “Key Problems with Mahāyāna Teachings.”

  • We only know how to get to Arahanthood, as taught by the Buddha. 
  • But the Buddha has described the efforts of some previous Buddhas and himself in the “Mahāpadāna Sutta (DN 14).”