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 Arahant Jambuka Thera  : He was born in Rājagaha to rich parents but from infancy, he would eat nothing but excrement. When he grew older he was ordained with the ājīvakas, who pulled out his hair with a Palmyra comb. When the Ajivakas discovered that he ate filth, they expelled him and he lived as a naked ascetic, practicing all kinds of austerities and accepting no offerings save butter and honey placed on the tip of his tongue with the point of a blade of grass.

  • What can we say in this case of distorded Sanna?? Humans are not supposed to be attracted to feces. However, the ascetic Jambuka loved it. The cause of such sanna is due to bad kamma vipaka dating back to the time of Lord Kassapa(billions of years ago).
  • After becoming an arahant he stopped these practices. We can see in our world today people who drink urine, sleep with corpses (necrophilic), and others who sleep with animals (zoophilia). Can we conclude that the attainment of the magga phala has a big impact on the distorted sanna?
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