Reply To: Mettā = God’s Love ?


Hi Silasampanno.

  • As a former Christian, I can tell you that God’s love is a myth. First, you have to know what love is. Love is the absence of Dosa(hatred). It’s from the anagami stage that we start the real metta. In the Bible, we see God showing great malevolence. He condemns people to eternal hell and amuses himself with the lives of his followers. The story of Job is an example.
  • God kills Job’s children and destroys his wealth to see if he would remain faithful to him. I can cite many other examples, but it will be too long. Reading the Bible we see a great contradiction with “the love of God”.
  • Of course, there are Christians who are highly moral people and who come close to what they call the love of God. But as Mr. Lal and Dawson say, this is not enough to free oneself from Samsarā. 
  • I apologize in advance if my words may offend some people. My goal is not to denigrate any religion. You can look up the story of Job on the internet and read the apocalypse of John.
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