Reply To: Mettā = God’s Love ?


Dawson is correct in pointing out those aspects.

  •  ‘Mettā’ or “compassion for other beings” must come from within oneself. 
  • All living beings suffer at different levels at different times. But any given being suffers tremendously over long time spans because rebirth in the apāyās is unavoidable until the Sotapanna stage is reached.
  • While we cannot see the suffering in three of the apāyās, we can see the suffering in the animal realm. Of course, many humans undergo much suffering. Even those with wealth have to suffer when they get sick or get to old age.

“Seeing and contemplating suffering” is a big part of the practice. It gives the motivation to live a moral life first. But that is not enough to “end the suffering in Sansāra.”

  • The deeper one comprehends the issue of suffering, the deeper the ‘Mettā’ one can generate for all beings, as Dawson pointed out.
  • Of course, that understanding helps avoid many akusala kamma too. One would not have the mindset to kill, steal, lie, etc., to hurt others when this concept is understood.
  • Furthermore, as one contemplates further, one can see that the rebirth process (Sansāra) must hold to explain the “nature of this world.” That helps get rid of various wrong views.

Cultivating wisdom (paññā) is the basis of Buddhist practice. Not rituals or mere chanting.

  • Chanting with understanding helps get to samādhi, but mere chanting does not do much.
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