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1. There are 73 types of ñāṇa, which are listed in the “Paṭisambhidāmagga,” an original Commentary included in the Tipitaka:

1.0 Mātikā” 

  • An English translation is there too: “1.0. Schedule
  • They are discussed in detail in subsequent pages in both languages.

2. Of those, the last 6 are “Buddha ñāṇa,” meaning only a Buddha can have those.

  • Others can cultivate the other 67 types. 
  • I see many of the 16 listed in Gad’s post in this list.

3. I don’t think one can say, “OK., I will focus on this and then the next one,” etc. 

  • Some (or all 67) will be automatically cultivated as one follows the path and engages in Satipatthana.
  • That is why I don’t spend time trying to understand what each of those means. 
  • But if someone wants to learn each of those in-depth, good for them. It cannot hurt the practice, but it is a matter of how one decides to allocate one’s time.
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