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Yes, I will provide descriptions of each knowledge if others are interested in this discussion.

  • The first knowledge allows us to distinguish the difference between nama and rupa. It is said that if it is practiced well it allows you to see the rupas kalapas. The meditator no longer sees his body, objects, and people but only rupas kalapas. These rupas kalapas appear and disappear with inconceivable speed. It only concerns rūpa.
  • Concerning nāma, the meditator will be able to distinguish each moment of consciousness that comes to mind. He will see that he has no self but only nāma and rūpa.
  • This knowledge can be developed by the puthujunas. It is only at the 13th knowledge that one becomes ariya.
  • Commentaries say that people who reach magga phala after a short verse have developed the first 11 knowledges of vipassana in their past lives.
  • The venerables Sariputta, Bahiya and Santati are examples. They practiced vipassanā in sasanas of the past. This is why they were able to eradicate the 10 samyojana, following a short stanza. (In the case of venerable Bahiya and Santati)