Reply To: Pure Dhamma zoom meeting!


Reminder: The meeting is at 12:30-1:30 PM GMT (7.30 AM EST New York time) on Sunday 14th.

The link to the second meeting is (if needed only, i.e., if there are questions): (1:35- 2:35 PM GMT)

It is easy to join. Click the link, then click on the “Ask to Join” button.

  • Saket will allow anyone to join.
  • He will mute everyone at the beginning. Click on the “Raise hand” button to ask a question if something is unclear, even while I am speaking. He can unmute the person asking the question. 
  • Saket will record it. He says he can publish it as a YouTube video. 
  • It will only be published as a YouTube video if the quality is good. We will make that decision after the meeting. 

P.S. Anyone not wanting to show their face can use the “Turn off Camera” button at the lower part of the screen or do a “ctrl + e” with the keyboard. Also, one could use the actual name, a fake name, or the forum name. You can test the link at any time. 

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