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I revised #1 of the new post “Purāna and Nava Kamma – Sequence of Kamma Generation” as follows:

1. Kamma accumulation happens in two distinctive stages. 

  1. In the first stage, the mind of a puthujjana attaches automatically to sensory input ( ārammaṇa) based on the “distorted saññā” we discussed in recent posts. That attachment is due to “saññā vipallāsa.” Thus, “saññā vipallāsa” arises ONLY IF “fooled by the distorted saññā”; see  “Fooled by Distorted Saññā (Sañjānāti) – Origin of Attachment (Taṇhā).”

P.S. Comprehension of ” distorted saññā” and “saññā vipallāsa” plays a significant role in cultivating “yathābhūta ñāna.”

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