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Yash RS

The point is that Our Human Body was “made” by the Gandhabba having the blue print of this current body.

It grew with time from zygote to the present state via the food we take.

The point is the mind created this body when it had those samyojanas responsible for one to be born in the Kama Loka. So the mind had “distorted sanna” ( of this bhava) before the grasping of this bhava, so it created this body to feel the external world in that way!

So even after a human attains the Arahant stage, he will physically experience this world to be the same as it was created by the mind having distorted sanna in the past.

But the “present mind” of the Arahant will not attach to those experiences.

Therefore if a Deva or Brahama attains the Arahant stage, his body will instantly die as it is not suitable with the mind and will attain parinibbana instantaneously.

But since our human bodies are very dense, this “sudden death” doesn’t take place and the external world is still presented to our mind with that “distorted sanna” via our bodies and brain.

Sanna vipallasa is the mind attaching to those experiences ,perceiving them to be happiness.

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