Reply To: Pure Dhamma zoom meeting!


Thank you, Mr. Sāketa, for initiating this zoom meeting!

As “Google Meet” does not have recording (free edition) and “Zoom” only allow 45 minutes per session (free edition), you may want to consider VooV Meeting (free trail edition – has been on free trail since 2020):

Unlimited time for group meeting

Up to 300 participants per meeting

Only the master (one who initiate/host/schedule the meeting) needs to Register/Sign Up:
==> Click on the “Free Trial” button
        Enter your Primary Location, click Next
        Select the “I have read and agree to Service Agreement、Privacy Policy”, click Next
        Enter your Sign Up details and click Sign Up

Download VooV Meeting application for Windows/macOS/iOS/Android by ALL who are going to use the application for VooV Meeting:

How to Record VooV Meeting | Easily, Securely, Privately

I will only join the meeting for the first hour. My location is at GMT +08:00.

With mettā, Seng Kiat