Reply To: Upanisa Sutta

Sammasambodhi Gami

The 24 types of conditions (paccaya) which comes into play in the Paticcasamuppada cycles are:

(1) Hetupaccayo, (root condition)

(2) Ᾱrammaṇapaccayo, (object/sense inputs condition)

(3) Adhipatipaccayo, (predominance condition)

(4) Anantarapaccayo, (proximity condition)

(5) Samanantarapaccayo, (contiguity condition)

(6) Sahajātapaccayo, (co-nascence condition)

(7) Aññamaññapaccayo, (mutuality condition)

(8) Nissayapaccayo, (dependence condition)

(9) Upanissayapaccayo, (strong dependence condition)

(10) Purejātapaccayo, (pre-nascence condition)

(11) Pacchājātapaccayo, (post-nascence condition)

(12) Ᾱsevanapaccayo, (repetition condition)

(13) Kammapaccayo, (kamma condition)

(14) Vipākapaccayo, (vipaka condition)

(15) Ᾱhārapaccayo, (nutriment condition)

(16) Indriyapaccayo, (faculty condition)

(17) Jhānapaccayo, (jhana condition)

(18) Maggapaccayo, (path condition)

(19) Sampayuttapaccayo, (association condition)

(20) Vippayuttapaccayo, (dissociation condition)

(21) Atthipaccayo, (presence condition)

(22) Natthipaccayo, (absence condition)

(23) Vigatapaccayo, (disappearance condition)

(24) Avigatapaccayo (non-disappearance condition)


How the cause(s) and condition(s) play out to give different kinds of result(s),  these things are precisely known ONLY to a Samma Sambuddha.