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Sammasambodhi Gami

Yes, dear Dhamma friend (Gad). You are correct.

The efforts done to understand Buddha Dhamma will not go to waste. It carries forward. This is a part of the Paramis (or Parmithas). So no one should be discouraged if they are not getting visible results. Our efforts and diligence are changing our gathi (bending it towards Nibbana). So it will bear fruit someday (or in future lives) IF “one continuously follow the path properly.”

In other words, we are (directly or indirectly) cultivating the 37 factors of Enlightenment/Awakening.

I hope this encourages everyone to follow the Path towards Nibbana even more energetically and with joy in their hearts so that they can reach Nibbana soon. 

Sadu Sadu Sadu! 

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